What to look for in a sales-specific CV

When viewing an applicant’s CV, many sales managers still take it at face value – or possibly allow for “just a little” exaggeration here and there. As a recruiter, I find that these days one has to query and double-check everything. We’ve had CV’s on our database for 3-4 years and when we receive an updated version, I often find that the content has changed quite dramatically – not just a single word or sentence here and there but in actual employment details.

For example: I had 2 versions of a CV – one 3 years old, the other brand new, from someone on our database looking for an external sales position. When I compared the two, the gentleman had completely omitted 8 months stint at his 2nd most recent company and added that time period on to his current employment tenure, knowing that it is difficult for recruiters to verify current employment details. It was a huge red flag for me. Why did he do it? When something as obvious as that is picked up, it makes one question every detail in the document.

Please take the time to meticulously verify the CV of the candidate whom you would like to employ. It is just another safety check to do before taking someone on full-time.

Have a sales point of view?

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