Is April An Annual “Go Slow” Month for Sales Folks?

April – the bane of many a sales rep’s existence here in South Africa – eclipsed only by December (and the first half of January)  in terms of slow sales.

There’s less selling time because of all the public holidays, all of our prospects have disappeared, half of our co-workers are missing from their desks, all of our deals are so much harder to close …

Is this true or is it our mindset that’s holding us back from achieving stellar sales results?

Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new month, the start of Q2 and in fact we’re only losing 3 selling days in April, not half the month as some folks would like us to believe.

There are many selling activities that don’t have to stop just because it’s holiday season. Prospecting, lead research and client communication can all be stepped up. So what if your key contact is basking on the beach or watching a hippo take a bath – the whole company hasn’t closed down – what about the other 5 people involved in that buying decision that you haven’t spoken to yet?

Selling always requires innovative and creative thinking and action – the month of April puts us to the test.

Have a sales point of view?

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