Think Twice Before You “Fabricate” Your CV

It is extremely concerning to me when I come across a potential candidate’s CV when searching a CV database on an online job portal and find it completely different to the version that I have on file from a previous job application. 

It happened again today. I’ve just looked at a CV of a technical sales rep whom at first glance I thought would be the “perfect fit” for a senior sales position that I have just started recruiting for. On the version of the CV that I have on file from 2010, the gentleman listed 3 different positions from 1999-2004. On the new updated version, this has now been changed to one position from 1999-2004 with a completely different company.  In addition, there are a number of other changes of not only months, but years of tenure at various companies since then.

This “fabrication” has not only ensured the gentleman has completely blown the credibility of his working history and everything else he has listed on the document, it also calls his honesty and ethics into question.

On top of this, the contactable reference he listed for the new 1994-2004 position is someone who also applied for a position via our agency, thus it calls that person’s honesty into question too – if he is prepared to lie for a colleague. I happen to know that they are friends and have no doubt that he would have agreed to “cover” for this gentleman.

So both of them now miss out on any future job opportunities we may have for them – and we exclusively manage quite a few  top-notch, high-paying technical sales positions every month. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot in a tight job market!

Please do not under-estimated the importance of ensuring your CV is a 100% accurate reflection of your working history. If a lie doesn’t come back to bite you when searching for a job months or years later, it may do so when you actually land a new position.  Lying about something on your CV may provide an employer with a valid reason for firing someone should it influence their ability to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Most professional recruiters ask you to sign off on their application form that your CV is a true and accurate account of your working history, achievements, personal details and academic qualifications. We strongly recommend that you ensure that it is. 

If any recruiter ever advises you to change details on your CV “because it doesn’t look good”- please report that person to both the MD of their company and APSO immediately – this is probably the worst advice you could receive. And again, calls that person’s honesty and ethics into question.

1 thought on “Think Twice Before You “Fabricate” Your CV

  1. Jean Kruger

    Hi Suzanne,

    Very interesting article.

    It is just amazing what people do these days, can you believe it. It just makes one think… One would probably wonder what the motivation and intentions of people acting like this would be, some how the truth will reveal itself anyway, what do people gain by doing this?? Gaining a bigger salary?

    Excellent blog – I will visit it more often. Keep up the good publishing, as it’s the 1st time I came across someone from the Talent and Recruiting industry bogging about this industry, such a specialized field.

    To your success!


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