Sales and Marketing: Two Departments Perhaps, But One Team

Believe it or not, many companies forget to keep their receptionist and their sales team well-informed as to when media ads or web-based marketing campaigns are running. Some don’t even let everyone know when they have updated the company’s website or LinkedIn pages with valuable new white papers, case studies or client recommendations that could benefit the sales team.

It’s absolutely crucial that marketing and sales work hand-in-glove to achieve the results from expensive marketing activities. That ONE lead, that ONE phone-in from a small internet ad or PDF download on your website might just be your next biggest client.

By the same token, your marketing team needs accurate and detailed feedback from sales in order to fine-tune future material to support your team’s efforts. Are you satisfied with the information you are providing? Do you make a concerted effort to collect recommendations from your clients?

Get and then keep your sales and marketing folks talking – they are on the same team.

Have a sales point of view?

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