Improving Sales Performance: Train the “C’s”, Coach the “B’s”, Recognise the “A’s”

Sales Managers are often tempted to spend most of their time in the field with their worst performers, the “C’s” who are always struggling to meet their targets, thinking that they can coach them to achieve greater results. However, many sales managers become more of a crutch than a coach, stepping in to close the deal at the salesperson’s request. If you’re going to invest your time in coaching selling skills out in the field, then do so with your “B” performers who just need to hone their skills to better their performance.

In addition, according to Tony Rugliano, co-author of the book “Discovering Your Sales Strengths”, a key area that sales managers need to concentrate on is building their relationships with their star performers. Rugliano suggests that star performers need your support and recognition of their achievements too. Do you spend enough time with your top performers in the field?

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