Keep Your Sales Healthy – Prevention is Better Than Cure.


Prevention is better than cure.  We have to prevent falling into the “not enough leads” trap. We have to prevent losing sales through the cracks through lack of following up. We have to qualify prospects. We have to analyse account data. We have to really know our customers. We have to prevent poor customer experiences that lead to lack of repeat sales. We have to provide insights and expertise. Sales managers need to be coaching. Really basic sales stuff. Not rocket science.

There’s no getting away from preventative maintenance in sales in order to keep our sales results healthy. If we are not consistently (aka on-a-daily-basis) staying ahead of the curve in what is really just professional sales basics, we will end up in ICU trying to resuscitate old quotes and neglected accounts that are flatlining.

Hunker down. Focus on pumping up your immune system. Get back to healthy sales basics – more often than not, it will provide the cure.

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