Medium to long-term sales development projects include

  • Helping small businesses without huge resources take their business online – including preparing all the information, doing stock counts, writing product descriptions and taking photographs, which most digital marketing companies do not get directly involved with – this is a gap that we’ve identified.
  • Setting up the right sales processes and procedures
  • Outsourcing of your sales onboarding process for every new member of your sales team
  • Providing long-term support during a sales turnaround

Short-term projects include

  • Assistance with FaceBook and website sales – utilising the basics, not sophisticated systems
  • Advanced Maximizer CRM sales development and implementation
  • Sales Mentoring/sounding board for SME business owners
  • Development of customized 100-day Sales Acceleration Plan for new sales recruits
  • Mentor/coaching programme for newly-promoted sales managers
  • Monthly or ad-hoc coaching/mentoring sessions for sales execs, sales managers, senior management executives and business owners on sales related issues
  • Development of customised version of “The Weekly SalesBrief” and roll out to your sales team

Have a sales point of view?

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