Motivating the Motivator

As sales managers, we all know that an important part of our job is to motivate and encourage our team, but who or what motivates the motivator to motivate? What do you do to keep yourself in peak motivating condition?

Honing in on sales team motivation: Personally, all I need to do is to pick up a classic motivational book every now and then, or read an inspiring article about professional selling – that’s what keeps my motivational tank full. If I’m reading something that I already know, it reminds me of the fact that I already know it and that motivates me. If it’s something I’ve never done, read or thought of before it also motivates me because that’s what learning something new does. But that’s me. How about you?

So come the time when my “team” needs encouragement, leadership, direction and positivity I can provide it. 

In his book ‘The Positive Principle Today’, Norman Vincent Peale reminds us that ‘the extremely important qualities of inspiration and enthusiasm are not to be taken for granted; they can and often do decline in force and must therefore be replenished daily by a new intake of motivational thinking’.

If you know what to do to motivate yourself in terms of motivating your sales team and can identify your timeline is for getting your ‘top up’ you’ll always keep yourself in peak motivator condition!

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