Speed On The Bases

In his book “Baseline Selling” Dave Kurlan uses a term called “Speed On The Bases” in relation to sales.

To explain: in the game of baseball, if you want to advance your team’s score you can steal a base, you’d better be quick – you’ve gotta get your foot on the next base before the pitcher can throw to first base and run you out. And boy, do you get the pitcher’s full attention.

In professional selling, the same principle applies. You need to be quick on the bases AND quick off the base so to speak.

Whether it’s a lead from your website, an inmail from Linked In, returning a telephonic enquiry, a quote or some or other document, be very quick and you’ll get your prospect’s undivided attention. Even if you can’t help them, it still leaves a professional impression.

Such a simple principle but sadly overlooked by so many people in sales. I do try my absolute best to respond immediately to each and every request I get and if I somehow miss one, I’m the first to apologise. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because it works exceptionally well for me and it will work for you too.

Don’t take a day to return a call, don’t put off responding to an email from a prospect. Your speed on the bases is a winning strategy. It sets you apart from your competition. Try it.

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