The Future of Sales Jobs

Wondering where your sales career is going?

Thinking of upgrading your skills?

Here’s the direction you need:

.. The second [sought after job roles highlighted by the report ] are specialized sales representatives, as practically every industry will need to become skilled in commercializing and explaining their offerings to business or government clients and consumers, either due to the innovative technical nature of the products themselves or due to new client targets with which the company is not yet familiar, or both. A particular need is also seen in industries as varied as Energy and Media, Entertainment and Information for a new type of senior manager who will successfully steer companies through the upcoming change and disruption.

Read the WEF Executive Summary: The Future of Jobs and Skills here:

Clear enough? We all need to focus on becoming sales specialists.  In my consulting and recruiting travels, I see the evidence of this on a daily basis. Those who have specialised in one particular sector are far more likely to be successful in their sales career.

Note: I’m not saying that just because you have a track record of selling in one specific industry you’re “safe” for the next ten years. I’m saying those who specialise i.e. make the additional efffort to become experts in that particular field and can add value to their customers because of their vast knowledge and understanding have a far great chance of a successful sales career in the future – regardless of age.

‘Sales Specialists’ are reading every trade journal, they are visiting every leading website. They know  the thought leaders in their industry. They have a considered opinion.They know every competitor. They are aware of all international developments and advances and are continually upgrading both their technical and selling skills abilities in their sector on a continual basis. They work on gaining a holistic understanding of their business sector AND are able to apply it in the context of the local environment – because without a doubt, context is everything.

Become a specialist.

Have a sales point of view?

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