It’s Strategy Time …

istock_000000442151smallIn my recent SalesBrief newsletters (hope you’ve subscribed) I have been waxing lyrical about sales strategy.

Tony Manning defines strategy as

“the process of thinking through what today’s business is and what tomorrow’s business should be and then getting there.”

It’s still one of my biggest beefs with sales managers i.e. most don’t have a sales strategy  – and it’s a huge problem. It’s their job to create a sales roadmap, to plan, strategize and guide their team in the right direction whilst making continuous improvements along the way. It’s the documented “who what, why and where” that is the foundation of the “how” we are going to hit or exceed our sales targets as a consequence of delivering value to our customers.

It’s a sales leader’s job to ask questions like:

Where is our growth going to come from?
Which market segments are expanding?
Which markets are declining?
Who are our customers?
What do they need?
Who are our key customers?
Who are tomorrow’s key customers?
What triggers their buying decisions?
What value do we deliver?
What value that we think we are delivering do our customers actually value?
How did we do this year?
Where do we want to be this time next year?
What are our values?
What customer service offering will we commit to?
What do we do better than our competitors?
What do they do better than us?

… and so the list goes on. Strategic sales planning is not a ‘nice to have’ or a luxury. It’s a must have. Even for a sales team of 2 or 3.

Get going on your strategy – the new sales year is just around the corner and you need to hit the ground running. At the very least, work out your personal sales strategy.


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