Get On With It

copy-of-goal-1Whilst I’m a great believer in end-of-year goal-setting, chances are that most of us have only just managed to fit in a holiday whilst we were off for a few weeks, much less sit down and write a thesis on our goals and personal sales strategy for 2017.

There’s no time or need to feel guilty about not getting around to it. Let’s just get down to business right now and plan and prepare do everything we meant to do before the end of last year. Many customers are still on holiday so now is the time to get those personal sales action plans sorted out this week. Of course it’s much easier to just tootle back into the same old, same old routine from last year but is that really what we want to do? Isn’t there some new and exciting sales challenges that we all want to work on? We all know that effective B2B selling should be based on a sound personal sales strategy, backed up with an actionable plan. Yet so many of us still ‘wing it’.  

If we want to help more customers ultimately make (and earn) more money than last year and in the process, earn more moola than last year ourselves, we need to think more strategically for sure. It’s time to stop procrastinating, beating ourselves up for what we didn’t do last year and just get on with it. At the very least, right now make a one-pager with key points and some revenue figures alongside and stick it up on the wall. It’s a start.

Forward motion is motivation in itself.



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